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Financial Disclosures


(1) The amount to be paid to the organization for making the team, which generally covers the cost of ice, coach’s salary, league fees, on-ice officials, and off-ice trainings. Generally, this amount shall reflect all monies that would be collected at contract signing.

(2) The amount to be paid to the organization or its vendors to purchase all required uniform and spiritwear items. For example, these items may include, but are not limited to, jerseys, breezers, breezer shells, socks, helmets, gloves, bags, warmups, workout clothes or items, and any other item required to be purchased through the organization or its designated vendor. The full amount to be paid by a new player to the organization must be disclosed, but an organization may note if the cost will be lower for returning players who may use gear from prior years.

(3) The maximum amount to be paid in team fees, which are amounts paid to the organization or to the team to cover any items not covered by the organization fee, including, but not limited to, coach or team official travel, tournament fees, on-ice officials costs, locker room fees, additional ice purchases, and team parties or functions. This amount shall also include any team fees not required to be paid by the organization, but that are made mandatory by a majority vote of the team members or their families.

(4) Any amount required to be paid to the organization or a third-party for any additional ice, on-ice instruction, or off-ice training.

(5) If not included in the organization fee, any amount a family is required to pay to the organization to cover a player’s travel costs.



Program Disclosures


(1) Describe the amount of ice practices that the team will receive from the organization. This can be described as the minimum hours of on-ice practices the team will receive during the season or by providing the minimum number of practices the team will receive along with the length of such practices. Only the minimum amount of ice to be provided may be included. Organizations may not include language in their disclosure that the team may or will receive additional ice in addition to the stated minimum amount and shall not make such statements orally. Organizations may include in this disclosure ice that is used by a team for scrimmages or similar events so long as the team is not required to pay additional amounts to the organization or rink to purchase the ice. Ice used for league games and tournament games shall not be included in this amount.

(2) Details regarding the amount and frequency of off-ice training a team will receive. This should generally be described as follows: two 1-hour sessions per week or similar language. If the vendor providing such training is known, that information must be disclosed. If training will occur at a site other than the organization’s home rink, the location should be disclosed.

(3) The estimated minimum number of games that the team will play during the season.

(4) If the cost of player travel is not included in the cost disclosure, the number of out-of-town trips that a player and his or her family will likely make during the season for which they will be responsible for covering their travel costs shall be listed. If the location of the team’s travel is known, that information must be disclosed. If a team is a Tier II team that is required to participate in the State Tournament, then the possibility of travel to the National Tournament must also be disclosed.